Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tips to prevent getting scammed...

Hey guys!!! sup? So today I was on Woozworld and I saw 3 people getting scammed by one person, So this girl's name is Miriananaz , and she's a real scammer, she knows these really weird glitches and tricks to scam people, plus she also scams on trade, so she scammed me on trade first and then three other people with her weird glitches. So if you meet her, just be safe, and here's a few tips to be safe, you know.
1. Don't trade to random woozens all willy-milly. You must be sure first that this girl/boy's no scammer.
2. Trust who you trade with. If you don't trust him/her, then you might get scammed.
3. Don't trade your favorite or expensive items. They wont give it back when you complain about receiving nothing.
4. Don't ever press a button which someone asks you to press. For example ctrl + w When you change your top, you will lose it (yeah, Miriananaz uses this to scam ppl) 
5. Remember the name of who you trade with, coz when he/she scams you can report them and follow them everywhere, like a stalker or something xD. (Check chat history for their names)
6. Friend the one who trades with you first, so that when they scam you can follow them everywhere.
7. To really be safe, don't trade at all. Coz, it would be safer and less risky, you know.
8. There are other kind of scams like "Unlimited Wooz and VIP" something like that. Well, don't believe in that. (Ppl will ask you for your password, if they do, give the password of your very very poor account, or else don't give your password at all)

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  1. Good tips for preventing from Scam . Specially like a well known scammer vito glazers.