Sunday, July 6, 2014

Life :I

Heyyyyyy Guyyyyyysssss! xD It's me Celia. c: So, I just wanted to wish Summer a happy birthday and that I hope u have a good one! :D Birthdays are a holiday I think... Only comes once a year right? So make the best of it c:. Ok, moving on.. Sorry that I am sort of inactive on Woozworld.. I sorta quit because I realized that I need to move on in life and find things that I enjoy and that I'm good at. Woozworld is just a virtual life, and I'd rather spend my money on real things then ugly virtual stuff. xD But, like I said, I found things I enjoy and I have moved on from Woozworld. I guess I should tell you those things though, right?

Art. Drawing is one of my "talents". I really love to draw and create. No matter what other people think of my projects, it doesn't matter to me because I enjoy making them. I like the manga/anime style, and I have drastically improved this year since I have grown apart from Woozworld. Woozworld really took an impact on my drawing skills, so now that I don't play it as much, I have more time to improve on my drawing.
Music. I love to sing too. I am really into artistic things, which includes music. In the future I plan to make covers on Youtube.
Writing. Yes, I also love to write. Like.. stories and stuff. I have tried to enjoy this whole blogging thing, and I actually really did. But, (there is always a but o.0) it seems that I am not 'allowed' to be creative. And that is why I made this post, because I will be posting more creative things now. Things that are useful (at least to me). I will still post informative things too. But yeah, I like writing.
Animals. Yes, I love animals. Mainly birds. Ever since I was little, I would try to chase birds around the yard to catch them. My mom promised that when I turned 6, I could have one of my own. I got 2 finches, and named them Pepper and Smore (or as I would say, Shmore). One day when I came home from school, my sister had the cage in the kitchen and was trying to get a string off of Pepper's toe. The string stopped the blood flow, and Pepper died. Smore died of  'heart break' because she really loved Pepper. Now that I'm older, I have had a lot of different pets and birds. I even have chickens. Today I am getting another one because a raccoon got Dumpling. At the time I overreacted, but now I feel better because the other 4 are still happy and became friends.
Being Weird?? Yeah... xDDD I just like to be me. That's my favorite thing of all, just being myself and making the best of life :D. Oh but in the thing it saying being weird.. That's cus I am weird. Isn't everyone?

So yep :/ I also wanted to say that I absolutely love your woozen's new style, Summer. It is really cute and stylish :3
Again, Happy Birthday Summer!
This is Celia, signing off.

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