Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Summer Summer!!!!!

I love love love summer, totes fantabulous! Firstly cos I'm born in summer!!! Woohooo!!! And secondly cos I absolutely ADORE summer outfits- sunglasses, sundresses, OMG OMG totes cute!
So yeah, talking about summer on Woozworld, its OMGtastic!!!

Here's what's going on in shopZ! New furniture to decorate your beach unitz! Varieties of stuff, only one problem, need ALOT of wooz! ARGHHH Have a look yourself-

There's some animated inflatable floaties. Such as, the shark, turtle, killer whale, and crocodile.
Each one changes 3 times. In water, in sand, and without both.  Sooo fab!
Here's an example-

BT-dubs, I hear there's another unitz decor contest goin' on! So yep, whoever is taking part, G'Luck :)
 Moving on, clothes... my fave part of this post :) So as for summer, some summery outfits have dazzled up the STORE, And this is what the Store has to offer! ^.^

So here's a close up on both new boy and girl outfits.

The boy's SUNpatch outfit consists of, a shaggy beach hair. Tank top with a pocket. Swimming trunks, and beach sandals. 

     In my opinion its A-okay I like the tank and the trunks, BUT ughhh sandals, hair is okayyy looks like wet hair overall boy's outfit is good :)

The girl's SUNchic outfit consists of, Pretty hair with bangs tied by a bow, A crop top with a bow on it, a mini ruffled skirt and beach sandals.

In my opinion, I like the hair but not alot, kinda covers 1/4 of the face XD
I like the top, I dont like the skirt, I love the sandals! Overall, SUNchic rocks!!!

So yea, guys I hope ya'll enjoyed reading this post :)
Love ya'll!
~Ms. Fab-bo

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