Saturday, August 9, 2014


Hey everybody! It's me Celia, and I have some good news (at least it's good news for me..). I finally made a new Youtube channel! Just so you know, it is not for Woozworld.. This new channel is for music and art (mainly drawing). You can visit my channel if you'd like, just CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY CHANNEL! 

I haven't posted any videos yet, but once I move into my new room I will (my sister is going away to college so I get her room, yay!). You can subscribe if you like my style of  drawing, but I have a few different styles so it's not just limited to one. I'm thinking about doing song covers too. I'm still deciding... c:

P.S.  1st video will be posted within a week. Just click the link to see my Youtube username.

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