Saturday, September 13, 2014


Hey everyone! It's me Celia, and today I will be discussing something Woozworld has come to know as "Fashion Friday".  Basically, Fashion Friday is where Woozworld picks 30 items of OUR CHOICE and puts them in Shopz for 24 hours. There is one requirement though: no Deadmau5, no Bratz, and no Unikz. Many woozens around Woozworld have been commenting "Dead maw" (deadmau). But on Woozworld's Facebook page, it clearly states "NO DEADMAU, NO BRATZ, NO UNIKZ". Moving on, there are still many other items people have been commenting. Two of which are Woozmas and Stylish Ballerina. Those are 2 of some the most rare items in Woozworld. Imagine what it would be like if everyone had them? For some people, it would be TERRIBLE because they bought them from the store, and are using them to trade for other rares. But, for people like me, it would be AWESOME! My woozmas sweater got hacked out of my shop podz, so I would love to have a new one. Also, I always loved the stylish ballerina hair! What do you guys think will happen?
(Note that all items have to be garments)

On another topic, here are a few items I would like to see in Shopz on Fashion Friday:

-Snowflake Outfit 
-Myana Grande Outfits
-Fashionista Rocker Outfit
-Flower Bikini Outfit
-Wild Huntress Outfit
-Prehistoric Cutie Outfit
-Kiss You! Outfit
-Pixel Outfits
-Sunset Swimsuit Outfit
-Mermaid and Pirate Outfits
-Bubble Gum Pop Outfit
-Country Sweetie Outfit
-Fruity Summer Outfit
-Summer Chic Outfit
-Flowerva Ugo Outfit
-Ancient Greece Outfits
-All the Crop Tops, Tanks, and Tee's
-Domo Garments
-B-Day Sweetheart Outfit
-Skater Girl Outfit
-Barista Girl Outfit
-Witch Outfit
-Tracker Outfit
-Pineapple Man Shirt
-All the For Fans By Fans Outfits
-Aeropostale Designed Outfit
-For Fans By Fans Pajamas
-Modern Bali Outfit
-Bali Royalty Outfit
-Sundae Prom Outfit
-Prombiful Hair
-Traditional Island Outfit
-Belle of the Ball Outfit
-Queen of the Masquerade Outfit
-Woozmas Outfits
-Stylish Ballerina Outfit
-Ballerina Bow and Outfit
-HollyXooz Dress
-Easter Chick and Bunny Outfits
-Style Me Up Outfit
-#1 Varsity Fan Jacket
-Sunchic Outfit
-Ze Princess Hair
Those are all the garments I would like to see for Fashion Friday. I know all of them can't be in it, but hopefully some will! What items would you like to see on Fashion Friday? You can copy and paste any of these items if you want them too!
That's all for today!
Byee Guys!!


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  1. hey ! cool i agree with ya even i would want those thongs :D add me on woozworld im Xx-silverMist-xX