Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Little Update. 1st Halloween Blog Theme!

New Style

Heeeeey Guyyyyss!! It's me Celia! So, I am here today with come great news. WE FINALLY UPDATED THE BLOG! Yes, FINALLY! I am so sorry that I have been procrastinating about making a new header and design. It was actually Summer's idea for the Halloween theme, and she convinced me to make the header. Thank you Summer! So I hope you guys like it, comment or post in the chat box what you think!

New Domo Items

For the second topic of this post.. Have you seen the new Domo items? There is now crop tops, tee's, and tanks. Plus, an all new Domo Woopetz! I really like the new Domo items, they are way better then the 1st ones in my opinion. What do you think?

Style Me Up

Now, for the last topic of this post, the Style Me Up outfit is now in stores! Congratz to bangs123 on your amazing outfit! It also comes with wooz when you buy it! I especially love the shirt :). ADORABLE, right? What is your favorite feature about this outfit?

That's all for today! Also, we are the 1st Halloween themed blog! :D 
I hope you enjoyed this little post c:
There's a lot more where this came from!
-Celia (CelieLove37)

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