Friday, September 12, 2014

Style Me Up

HEEEEEYYYY GUUUUUYYYS! It's me Celia. So for today's post, I will be talking a little about the new Style Me Up outfit. A lot of people have been saying how ugly it is, and how the hair is just an edited bratz hair. Well, I totally agree. Check out the original drawing design by bangs123.
It looks so much better then the Woozworld one! I love the coloring technique, and that hair is so pretty. Great design! Now... Look at the animated Woozworld outfit:
Not so great.. I mean I like the shirt a lot, and the shoes are cute, but the rest is just You can tell all of the items that this outfit was edited from. It is so obvious that the hair is from the bratz hair!! The bangs are from the stylish fashionista hair, the pants are from those one leggings and the spring party skirt, and I'm not sure the name of the heels that the shoes are from. The shirt is made up of a few different items, but it also was designed newly. But I honestly like the original drawing better on the 'Style Me Up' girl.

Well that's all for now! :D
Bye Guys!
-Celia (CelieLove37)
New sign-off pic coming soon!

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