Saturday, September 6, 2014

3rd Video! +30,000!

Heyyyy Guyyysss! So, it's me Celia again.. and obviously it's Saturday, which means.. New video :3! So, in this weeks video I drew an anime schoolgirl, which is also my original character (oc). She doesn't have a name yet though.. I'm still thinking on it.  (Btw, I just made this character up last night, so I haven't had much practice drawing her xD)
(Btw, sorry I didn't do the extra video last week, my internet went out xD). 
Here is the final drawing:
                                         Remember to comment, like, and subscribe! :D

Now, for the other subject of this post.... 30,000+ views for Woozapalooza!!!!!! :D Thank you so much for viewing this blog! I know we haven't been keeping it updated very often, and I'm really sorry about that. We just need new bloggers and all that xD. But really, thank you!

I'll see you next time!!
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