Saturday, September 27, 2014

Woozworld Fashion Tips!

Hello fellow Woozens, it's me... The REAL Celia :). So, recently someone wondered if I could message them fashion tips on Woozworld. I decided that instead of messaging them, I would make a fashion post instead! :D
Today I will be showing you some different outfits I put together on Ww and how to make your Woozen itself look good.

So first off.. The face. :/ (Pick a face that looks good with your woozen)
Not to be rude, but white or black lips on Woozworld do NOT look good. For your woolen's lips, you need a normal color that looks good with your skin tone. So, if you have pale woozen skin like my character has, then the colors that look the best are peach. If you choose a color lighter then the skin then it looks a little funky. Also, don't pick super dark either because it will make your woozen look goth (unless that is what you're going for). Also, darker peach colors can look good too. My woozen has a darkish peachish color xD..

If your woozen has tan  skin, then you can choose slightly darker colors or ones with more color. For example, Summer's woozen. Also, light colors can look good too. 

 If your woozen has really dark skin, choose a dark color.

Now, the eyes. I am just telling you right now.. Red or white eyes do NOT look good. I honestly would just pick the eye color to match your color code or your eyes in real life. If your code isn't a natural color, go with a nice color that matches. I think that light blue eyes look nice on tan woozens, but dark eyes also look really nice. For pale woozens, I think that any natural color really works, but the brown eyes on Woozworld often look weird. 

Next off, the hair and skin tone.
For your woozens hair, you need a color that you like and that looks nice. Yellow does not look good, neither does really any too bright color. If you are going to choose a bright hair color, go with something that matches your outfit and skin tone. I personally prefer natural colors. But then again I try to make my woozen look as much like me as possible. Bleach blonde hair does not look good with tan. Neither does any light color honestly. Light colors go with pale and dark colors go with tan.

Lastly, the outfit :D. In my opinion...Zombie pants and adventure shorts are out of style and old. Stop trying to copy the past trends and create some new ones :D. You need to find an outfit that you like and that matches well. If you have a bunch of random colors and that doesn't look good with your skin tone, makeup, and hair then you won't look good. You might have an amazing outfit and gross hair and makeup, and it just throws the whole thing off. Here are a few examples of outfits I put together on Woozworld.

 Now obviously, some of these outfits look better then the others. The first outfit(pixel sweater outfit) starting on the left is a good example of a casual, cute outfit. The whole outfit matches, the hair looks good and isn't out of theme, and the face, makeup, and skin looks good together. However, the outfit with the Heartva hair looks a little weird.  It is an anime based outfit, but I don't think it matches that well. (I also don't like outfit the outfit with the Aeropostale hair.. Just because the hair is too short for my taste).A few of my favorite outfits out of all of these is number the Pixel one, the all white one, and the one black outfit.  I like the one with the TV shirt and rainbow shoes  also but I don't like the hair that is with it. Which outfit do you like best?

I hope this post helped, lol. 
This is just my opinion on the fashions of Woozworld.
I guess that's all for now :).

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