Thursday, September 4, 2014

New DoMo items?!

Well, Well Woozens! It's me Summer and today I'm talking about the new DoMo items! Let's first start off by talking about the whoollleee idea in the first place.

How they chose DoMo to come to Woozworld

If you don't know how they chose DoMo, a couple of months ago they asked us (via pod) what brand we would want. DoMo was listed as one. I didn't think anything of it but wow! It happened. Personally, I don't like DoMo, but that's probably because I don't know much about him. So I did some research.

About DoMo

DoMo first appeared in stop-motion sketches in 1998. DoMo has 5 video games and an animation website. The website will officially close September 15, 2014. You can find out more by checking out the official DoMo website here:

So Woozworld made it possible for you to own DoMo furniture, exclusive figurines, and some outfits based on it. But of course, you can only buy them in stores for real money.

The clothes

So I thought I would break my review down into sections, starting with the clothes. The shirts I think are super cute. If I didn't want to have to pay $9.99 for the outfit I would probably get it. The problem for me is the hair. The hair is so unoriginal! I mean just look at this:

I mean, look at it! It's pretty much exactly the same! They could have made it wayyy more original! Come on Woozworld!

The Furniture and Figurines 

I think the Furniture is super cute. I would buy it if it wasn't $12.99! It looks soooo awesome. If they put it in Shopz I'm totally gonna buy it. I mostly like it because they have a bed with the bedroom furniture. I can't make a bedroom units because Woozworld is so scared people are gonna do bad things that they took away all of the beds and made them not transferable. Ugh. The figurines are SO cool. I WANT THEM. I would buy it but again, they are too expensive!

Prices of Everything

As I said in every single section, I HATE THE PRICES! Everything is so expensive! I mean, look! $9.99 for one outfit and a figurine! I know they want to make money but that's not how to do it! 
It's so messed up! They are cheating everyone out of their money. Ughhh. 

In All/Ratings

In all, I like the idea, but a few things are too unoriginal and the prices are wayy too high for what they give you. Ratings:

The Clothes: 5

The Furniture: 8

The Figurines: 8

The Prices: 2
I hope you guys liked this post! Love you all! xoxo Summer
I know xD Super Old. I am working on making a new sign off!

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