Tuesday, September 16, 2014

1st WFOTW! :D

Hey Guys. Soo, tonight was the very first WFOTW (Woozapalooza Fashionista of the Week). I just wanted to post the top 3 woozens and give them credit for they're awesome styles! (The picture shown only shows from the shoulder up so sorry about that xD. Also, it may not show the exact outfit). o.0

3rd place: gallale 

Gallale got 3rd place because he actually was out on the 1st theme, halloween. But, on the second theme, fall, he did great, so he got pulled back in. (You get a second chance if you get out the 1st time, and the best dressed one of the out group gets pulled back in). He could only place 3rd though, because he was indeed out on the 1st round. I loved your fall fashion! Great job gallale!

2nd Place: ToCaLoVeR14

ToCaLoVeR14 placed 2nd because she stayed in the 1st round, and also did awesome on the 2nd theme! I loved the nice pink that you used for your fall outfit, and I think it matched really nicely. Great job ToCaLoVeR14 (Taco) lol!

1st Place: OwoTess

OwoTess placed 1st because she did amazing on both themes. She dressed as an awesome demon on the 1st round, and had an ADORABLE fall outfit for the final theme! I loved the light bluish purple color you had, and your outfit went together and matched great! You did a wonderful job Tess!

Congratz to all of you guys! :D Especially you, Tess. You are the very 1st WFOTW! :D!!!! And you totally deserved it too, with that awesome style of yours :)! Great job everyone! I hope to see more people at the next event, we did host this one pretty late so I know a lot of people were sleeping xD. Thanks!
That's it for today..
I'm sleepy u.u
Bye.... zzzzzz
P.S. 3 days till fashion Friday/Weekend!

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