Monday, September 15, 2014

BeMe + #FashionWEEKEND + Announcement

Hey guys! It's me Celia, and today I am here to discuss a few topics. First off, BeMe.
BeMe is all about helping you find your own form of beauty. You can visit the BeMe Lounge unitz and click on the posters and videos to find new ways to accept yourself about who you are. You can also learn about cool programs! Visit the BeMe lounge powered by ANEB today!

Second off, Fashion Friday... Or is it now Fashion Weekend?
The answer to that is... Yes! :D Today Woozworld posted on their Facebook that if their post got 300 shares, they would have Fashion Friday last the entire weekend!! (Oh and yes, the post got MORE than 300!)  I am so happy about this, because most of us have school all day on Friday c: Yayy.
Last but not least, a Woozapalooza announcement! xD Instead of doing a random fashionista of the week,  we decided to do a weekly event hosting a fashion show to decide who the WFOTW (Woozapalooza Fashionista of the Week) will be! 
The event will work like this:  Everyone lines up at the start. We announce the first theme. Everyone dresses in their best outfit to match the theme. Everyone takes a turn on stage and we decide if you stay or go out. Only a select number of woozens will stay in the 1st round. After the 1st round, the remaining woozens will go up on stage for the 2nd theme. We pick the 3 woozens that did the best. They go up on stage and the audience votes the overall winner of WFOTW. There will also be a second and 3rd place. 
The unitz title is: Fashionista of the Week-Wooz a pa looz a
Watch out for WFOTW in events this week!!!!

That's all for today! :D Long post lol..
-Celia (CelieLove37)
P.S. Who else can't get into the BeMe unitz? It says the unitz is private for me..

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