Friday, September 5, 2014

New Profile Picture :3

Heeeeeeeyyyyy Guyyyyyssss!!! SOO, as shown from the title, this post has something to do with a new profile picture... but for what? ... DUH, YOUTUBE!! :D So, the other day I had to draw a sign for gym class, and I drew this: (In the final picture it has my name in big letters on the front, but I didn't want to give away my full name..) Also, the real picture looks pretty much like this with slightly better quality but yeah xD.
Anyway, after I was finished, I really liked the final product. (Plus, that background took like FOREVER to make!) The materials I used to draw this are:
-Mechanical Pencil (for sketching)
-Pigma Micron Inking Pens (for outlining the sketch)
-PrismaColor Colored Pencils (coloring)
-Infinity Permanent markers (the background)
-Sketchbook Paper (to draw on)
-Scissors (to cut out the sign)

Lol. So I decided to make this my new Youtube icon for now. I will probably change the icon once a month (or more if I get sick of the picture). Lol. So yeah. I hope you like it, bye!

(P.S- Apply to join the blog if you want to become a member, because I think we might be reopening it... lol)
(OH, also.. If you guys want to request things for me to draw (or types of videos like tutorials, challenges, speed drawings, contests, craft type things, etc.)
then just subscribe. Lol. :P)

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