Monday, May 11, 2015

All About PROM 2k15!

Hey guys! 
Its Summer (nekole) and today's post is all about Prom 2k15!

YOU CAN NOW VOTE FOR PROM KING AND PROM QUEEN! Woozworld is now taking nominations  for 2k15 Prom King and Prom Queen! To nominate someone go to Prom Planning HQ and click the green podz for Prom Queen and the Yellow podz for Prom King. You have to type a little short paragraph as to why you want that person nominated though! 

A lot of people are really hoping that "famous" people don't win. I kind of agree with them, but if they do win then its oh well. This year it is a fair game for anyone to win so no one should be complaining. It's not about how many votes you get or how many collectibles you collect, its about how genuine the paragraph the people typed of you. Please don't complain about this anymore!

If you don't win Prom Queen or Prom King, then you can still win Prince or Princess! To become one of these, you have to click on the Prom Ballots that will start appearing soon in Woozworld.  
                                                              One Prom Ballot= 1 Vote
You can collect up to 100 ballots, which means 100 chances to win! ( they will choose from a random pool of woozens)

There is also Prom Committee, Prom Playlist Prep, and Prom Unitz Design Contest!

To be in the Prom Committee, you have to go to Prom Planning HQ and finish the objectivez. There will be a video up tomorrow of how to finish those objectivez! 

A few days ago, Jay Wooz asked Woozens about their favorite music! I think he made all the most popular ones into a playlist, and is gonna do something cool with it at Prom!

The Prom Unitz Design Contest kinda is tied into the Prom Playlist Prep! Now Jay Wooz wants for the Woozens to create a unitz based off of their favorite song! I think a cool one would be Chandelier by Sia and Problem by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea. You can submit your designs at iDesignz.

Woozworld has also released a few Pre-Prom Outfits

The Pre-Prom Outfits will only be released for a LIMITED TIME on Woozworld! They will only be released in #ZeChicYoSelf in Shopz on Saturday and Tuesday for 24 hours! BUT, you can also receive a FREE Pre-Prom Outfit if you become a VIP! You can become a VIP in the Woozworld Store! 

If you wanted to know, the Woozworld Prom Design Contest has officially ended! It ended May 7th, and the winning outfits will be revealed May 28th! I designed my outfit for it! I will show you a picture down below:
It maybe looks a bit weird, but I used a real-life picture of a Neon Rave and made it into my own thing! PLEASE DON'T REPASTE OR USE MY DESIGN WITHOUT ASKING/CREDITING ME!

If you guys send me some of the designs that you created I will feature you in my next post! You can send them to me at: 

So that's it for this post guys! I hope I gave you information you needed for Prom 2k15: Tell Me When To Glow! 

Until Next Time:
Summer (Nekole) xOxO

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