Saturday, May 16, 2015

Summertime Outfits!

Hey guys
It's me Summer and today I will be showing you guys some of my most favorite summertime outfits!

Outfit #1:

Hair: UrbanBlossom Hair by AutumnLight
Top: WNS Tube Top
Bottoms: Rolled-Up Shorts
Shoes: Small Shoes
Review: I really, really, like this outfit! I love how casual it looks while still being cute! I would totally wear something like this in real life!
Outfit #2:
Hair: Long Ponytail
Top: WNS Strapless Dress
Shoes: Strapless Sandals
Review: This outfit is really summer-y! It's really bright and the long pony/sandals really play up that summertime feel!
Outfit #3: 
Hair: UrbanBlossom Hair by AutumnLight
Top: Flames Crop Top
Bottoms: Rolled-Up Shorts
Shoes: Guy's Tommys
Review: THIS IS SO CASUAL BUT CUTE! I also really like this hair color, and have been wearing it around Woozworld lately!

So,  I hope you guys like these outfits! I really like them and will be wearing them around Woozworld often! If you guys have any summertime outfits that you like, snap a pic and send them to me here. That's it for today's post guys! Have a great day and weekend! Until next time...
Summer (nekole) XoXo
Do you guys like my new sign off? I sure do! xP

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