Monday, May 4, 2015

New Trial Blogger Alert!

Hold on. WHAT!?
Hey woozens what's up, it's Mika!I can't believe I'm a new trial  blogger here at Woozapalooza x3 I hope I'm not uploading too late, I was sick okay xD
So since I'm a trial blogger here I would just like to thank Summer and Cel for inviting me to blog here, it's awesome!

Some things that I'll post about:

  • Outfits, yours too!
  • Drama, oooh
  • New Events
  • Anything else that's interesting and unique
So If you would like to get to know me a little more here are some facts!
  • Red and Pink are my favorite colors
  • Fashion on Woozworld is my life
  • I also blog on WoozUnity in the "Fashion Around Woozworld" page
  • I love going to eventz and meeting new people
  • I draw some designs for woozworld xp
  • Blogging is my fav
  • Dance = bae
So there you have it! I really can't wait to meet you guys x3 Also As I said at the top I'll be posting some of YOUR outfits! Send me a message of everything you are wearing, I will take a pic of your profile and sometimes I will post outfits and reviews! Keep an eye out for your woozen because I may get you by surprise x)

Message me for anything and we can even chat together! mikaskye is my username, I can't wait to meet you all!

-Mika xox

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