Sunday, May 17, 2015


Hello everybody, it's me Celia (CelieLove37)

So, as you probably noticed, the blog has been updated with a brand new design and theme for the SUMMER TIME!!!! I don't know about you guys, but my summer vacation starts on May 26th. I AM SO EXCITED!! Finally, no more school... Well.. That is until next year. :/

Anyways, lets talk more about the new blog design. I was going for a beachy type theme. It took me FOREVERRRRR to make. U-U! Also, I made a new chat box to go along with it. :P I hope you like it
Also, I updated "The Crew" page and the stats so now all the new bloggers are included too. So... Yeah.
Okay well that is all I have to say... Oh and make sure to keep an eye out for many new videos to come on my Youtube channel (ArtInsanity)... Now that school has ended, I have much more time to make videos. 
That's all for now, Byeee!!!
P.S. I hope you like my new sign-off picture c:!

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