Saturday, May 2, 2015

New Trial blogger Bleaty!

Hello o3o.I'm Bleatystar-(Blea,Bleat,Bleaty etc)And from today on,I will be a blogger on Woozapalooza,an amazing blog xx.Here are some stuff you should know about me :3

*I'll be posting about news on Woozworld (Ex;ZackWooz marrying JennyWooz!?-cough-)

*I love Neon L-Blue.(Steal it and your done for)

*I also post on:WoozworldBurst,and WoozworldSpies,2 other amazing blogs.

*I'm kind,funny,and overall a good person.If you mess with me'll be praying for mercy.

*I love to draw Anime/Manga,like our hawt owner.

So that's mostly all you need to be aware of me.I'm looking very forward to be apart of this blog,and it's a great honor :P.If you didn't get accepted,it's fine because we didn't come to life to be perfect.We came to make mistakes.Everyone fails,even me.(Ya don't know how hard it took me to get on here '-')I bet you're all amazing and one day,you will be here C:.

I'm so sorry this post was extremely short,and it's really late (I was working on a sign off photo)but it's only an introduction post. Look forward to more posts! xx

Bleaty signing out!


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