Sunday, May 17, 2015

Life as a Woozworld Dancer

Hi guys x3 Mika here! So for today's post I wanted to do something a little different from other blogs, something that not a lot of people know is happening. I am going to post about Life as a Woozworld Dancer!
 A lot of people just think a bunch of people form a group, make a routine and never speak again, and that is true. For some studios. Some studios such as Purple All Stars put all of their time on Woozworld into making routines, buffing up the studio and what not. Woozens hold dance competitions for prizes such as beex, rares and much more. 
But behind all of the fun, happy experience of dancing on woozworld there is a lot, and I mean a lot of drama between studios. There is a studio named Peach Dance Studio. Peach are way beyond rivals with Purple All Stars. Exela-Backup (Owner and creator of PAS) claims that Peach "stole their studio". Here are pictures of both studios.

 Do they look similar? They do indeed. 

Recently though, PAS re-arranged their studio a little bit to make the two look a small bit different. I, myself was a member of PAS once and all the drama made me want to quit so badly! (I did quit in the end though). Elinnna Who is the owner of Peach Dance Studio created the studio and claims that she made it before PAS. 

It's not always as simple as that. For weeks upon months these two studios have been 
arguing, posting on each others' WoozIn and 
what not but this needs to stop. This is a game, I don't know why so many people take it so  seriously! 

   I hope you enjoyed this post since I thought it 
   would be different. That's all for now but if you did enjoy it be sure to message me (mikaskye) your thoughts! 

  Keep Cool,

  -Mika xox

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