Saturday, May 16, 2015


Hey guys o3o! Bleaty here,and I'm really sorry this post is kind of late.My computer kept crashing and stuff,but I troubleshooted it.Anyway, today I noticed something happening on woozworld.As you may know,Jenny had an event called Woozpetz Of The Week.I noticed this is like,as you all know,the famous Star Of The Week.In Jenny's hot topics she said:
                                                                                The very first WoozPetz Of The Week!I'm guessing that Jenny is now having her own special eventz like Mya's SOTW.Who knows,sooner or later, There will be a GOTW=Gamer Of The Week and ROTW=Rapper Of The Week..

But for now,I feel like this is a great idea the woozband started.Also some tips for those who want to try and get to SOTW It's not as easy as you think.

*Before,you could use a program called auto clicker overnight to get in but since they open it at 3:30 it won't work.
*If you go on app,it's sometimes faster,but you can't click the icon on WoozNews you have to search up the unitz.  
*Remove all tabs you don't need to reduce lag,&try going in a unitz with less furniture (Don't go to 2 unitz or else when you go to the SOTW Unitz you'll get the ad video)
*For other eventz they won't do this,I think someone complained to Mya about this problem for AutoClicker.

Honestly I think this isn't great.If any of you reading make it in tomorrow,please ask Mya to go back to the original way,because when this started,the same woozens get inside,and others can't have the opportunity.

So that's all for this topic see you guys next week x3,Bleaty signing out! xx


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