Thursday, June 25, 2015

How to Organize your Desk!

Hey guys, it's Mika!
Check the post below this to see "My Return" post for why I haven't been on x3

Most of you woozens probably spend a lot of time at your desks. It's okay, I do too. But sometimes we just get too lazy and begin dumping stuff on it and messing it up! So today I'm going to give some tips on how to organize your desk <3

1- Get a small, cute box or a bin.
This is what you can use to put beside your desk for any rubbish or clutter you might have.

2- Sort out those wires!
If you have a PC this might be something you'll need to do. If wires and connections are all over the place try and take them all out, untangle them, then put them back in. It makes a difference, I swear!

3-  Sort things into piles.
Try getting a shoe box and filling it up with your essentials for your desk. Maybe stationary, books, makeup etc. If you sort them into piles, shoe boxes or other boxes it will make things easier to find and it will look a lot neater.

4- Be creative!
Glue some things on the boxes or make cute designs to put on your computer or keyboard. It will make it look prettier x3

5- Finishing touches. 
Make sure everything is where and how you want it to be.  After this, stand back and admire your organized desk!

WOW that felt good to post again! I hope I helped in some way for you guys, I really like this post and I think it's different. Message, comment or say your opinions in the chat box, I'd really like to hear them! 

That's it for today but keep an eye out for more posts!
-Mika xox

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