Sunday, June 21, 2015

My Summer Guide to Fun (for WoozWorld and the Real World too!)

Hey, Woozens! Today, i'm making an extra-long guide for what you can do for summer and have fun (on WoozWorld and Out!)


Woozens these days are either boring or interesting. You can either choose to explore or stay in one unit. Personally, I would like to explore, as it bequeaths wonders that render your mind devoid of reaction! (Yeah, I only understood like half of what I just said.)
You can go around WoozWorld and discover new Unitz. Who knows, maybe there's a unit that you have never even been to! I've been on WoozWorld for 4-5 years (account switching), and I never knew a "Great Wall" (I don't remember what the unit was called, but it had something to do with a wall) existed until the day I discovered it!!! Like....WOW! Woozens back then got a free Dragon WooPetz for visiting or completing a quest or something. I'm sorry, my memory is insanely fuzzy!
Just remember: To explore is to accomplish. If and when you explore, you learn something new about WoozWorld (and the outside world, but ONLY if your parents let you. Stay safe, kids!) that you have never knew about the game, and it kind of lets you see it in a whole new light.


Now I am not the most Social Woozen ever, but I DO know that summer is GREAT with friends! :)
Socializing is the key part to a strong friendship and a good summer. If you don't have any friends, you can always talk to me.*******
Note: If you want to make friends during the summer, find yourself in a good position to be asking the Woozen (or a person) if you would like to hang out/chat. Now, you might do things a little differently, but friendship is a new thing for me, so I'm not an expert!
The key point of this short paragraph: Don't be a loner during the summer, because this season is one of friends, family, frolic, and fun.

3.) EDIT!!!!!

Editing is a FANTASTICO way to pass the time! With editing, you can make your Woozen sit, stand, cartwheel, go into an amusement park (background editing), and more! There are so many possibilities.
Editing programs I recommend:
Sumo Paint
**If you edit, please recommend a program that isn't on this list that I can use for free!


1.) Couch potato-ness is CONTAGIOUS. There is a time to be lazy and a time to be active.

Woozens, couch potato-ness is one of the worst things to be having during summer. If you think Woozens can't be couch potatoes, think again. If you spend more than 2+ hours on WoozWorld without moving any of your body parts in the real world except your FLICK OF THE WRIST (song reference right there!!!), you're basically just couch potato-ing your life away. Now don't get me wrong, I would spend 2+ hours on WoozWorld every summer too. I just move my body parts in the real world, so don't forget to do that (otherwise you'll cramp up when you stand up).

2.) Stay up for more than 24 hours (no break) playing WoozWorld.

No. No no no. N.O. Don't do it. The only time you can so that is watching a Family Guy marathon.
Trust me though, do not stay up for more than 24 hours with your eyes on a screen. Your eyes are delicate...I lost some of my eyesight doing this. So just sayin', don't do it. Take breaks to stare at the green trees outside, it actually helps.

And now, this concludes the extra-long guide! Hope this helps! :)


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