Sunday, June 21, 2015

Inner Emotions contest

Hey guys! Bleaty here o3o.I know T_T I only post Friday Saturday,but I feel bad for missing Friday 3 weeks in a row so here :D(also it's really important)

So recently,I've gotten 40 subscribers and because I'm oh so nice,I am making a photo contest.Video is on my woozin,but here are the contest details.

*photo contest 
*deadline: july 10th 
*theme: Inner Emotions 
*must get 20 + woozups ehehe.   
*label it bleat's photo contest
*must have 2 or more woozens unless I make an exception and you are lonely like bob and you don't have a partner.
*I need some contestants T_T.Sierra is my only one so far.
*Be creative!
*You can use me in photos if any of you want I don't mind ::
*Bloggers can join as well C:


An example would be:

Emotion: Love
2 woozens. etc

I will comment valid on you photo and yea.That' basically it.For prizes check my video,on my woozin.

Bleaty signing out o3o Message me for any further concerns.


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