Thursday, March 27, 2014

Edit+ More and More Deadmau5?

I made a new edit! :D It is sooo pretty c: I am really proud of myself xDDDDD Well here it is:
:) Ok well now for our topic; More and More Deadmau5? 
I think someone must be hacking them for "famous" woozens. I mean, how do they get them in their colors? I have been playing Woozworld wayyyyy longer than them and I only have 2 Deadmau5s! They have like 10. If you didn't know, Deadmau5 came to Woozworld in the middle of 2011. He had a concert and it was really fun. I even bought tickets to see him exculsively on Woozworld. It was really cool :D OK so now 3 years later, people are raving over them. Why do they want them so bad? I have no idea. People are starting to protest and things to get him back, but Woozworld just ignores them. People have to be hacking them Deadmau5's because they are in their EXACT colors and everything. See look at this photo Cel took.
ALl of the people with blue rectangles have deadmau5! That's pretty much all of Woozen Quests. There has to be a hacker. Or a cheat or something. But for all of you protesting to bring it back, Woozworld would have a lawsuit if they brought it back with that name because Deadmau5 is a BRAND. They would be sued and then Woozworld would be in trouble. That is why they can't bring it back. Well, that's all on this topic today! BYEEEE

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