Thursday, March 13, 2014

Girl's New Outfit Review

   Hey c:! I bought the new outfit with the wooz special deal, so I decided to do a review about it! lol

Name: Long Spring Hair
Review: A medium-length hair, a little choppy and comes out a little too far in the front. I think it should have more of bangs to the side instead of plain.. It's a little boring but I will wear it anyway xD

Name: Floral Jacket With Polka-Dots
Review: A jacket with flowers on it, and a polka-dotted shirt. I like this item, except the flowers I don't like that much because you can't color the leaves.. Therefore I have big green splotches on the jacket xD Also you can't color the polka-dots... Idk but I still like it c:

Name: Rolled-Up Shorts
Review: Cute shorts with bottoms rolled up. I honestly love this item but think it is pretty similar to another item on Woozworld.. Whatever :D

Name: Spring Bowed Boots
Review: Cute boots with a bow on them! I loveeee this item, and it is totally my favorite item in the collection. LOVE IT! :3

Now look at the outfit all together:                                                                                      
Model: MEEEE (CelieLove37)

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