Friday, March 14, 2014

Vampirez Heartz Locations!

Hey it's Cel! :D Well I decided instead of just giving the quiz answers for Monster High, I will give the 40 unitz that the Vampirez Heartz are located in! Here you go:

-WoozGuidez Center
-Stop Bullying HQ
-Movie Theater
-Stylz Shop
-What the Wooz!?
-Movez IT
-Haunted house
-Fairy Chamber
-woozworld skatepark
-coconut groove
-mya's fashion studio
-spider's lair
-max's game show
-mya's collection boutique
-style watch unitz
-woozworld help center
-ivibe centralz 1
-big woozen season 2 - loft
-big woozen 2 - red room
-big woozen 2 - blue room
-romance at sea
-ivibe centralz 2
-woozen  quests
-central plaza
-Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action!

Hope this Helped! xoxo -CelieLove37

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