Saturday, March 15, 2014


So to start off, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I got banned from the computer for a week :( (Not telling why xD) Anyways,  it's time for OOTW!!!!! (Outfit of the week)  SOOO I hope you guys try this out for yourselves and make sure to wait until next saturday for the next OOTW :D ~ Summer
So, here is all of the clothing items and my review for them!

                Name: Pool Party Hair
                        Review: This is reallllllllllyyyyyyy cute! I love how the hair is kinda higher than the headbadn, making it look teenish and modern.

               Name: Country Boy Top
                      Review: I COMPLETELY LOVEEE THIS SHIRT!! Yes its for boys, but I DON'T CAREEEEE! I love how it has the tie and its gray and black which looks a little more professional. It's so cute and is good with pants or shorts! :D 
                            Name: Classic Minishorts
                                    Review: These shorts live up to their name. They truly are classic minishorts. They go great with pretty much everything in Woozworld and ALOT of people wear them. 

                           Name: Guy's Tommy's
                                   Review: These shoes are SOOO much like real Toms, or Bobs. They are wonderful and they go with alot of things, like the shorts. I love these shoes, and if you catch me around Woozworld, you will see me wearing them alot c;

Full Outfit:

Modeled by MEEEEEE

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