Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Blog Style + Cel's New Style

It's me Cel agaaaaaain c:. Well, I decided to change the blog's header since their was nothing else to do yesterday (hacked). And guy's just so you know, a hacker didn't actually go on my account! What happened was I was making a Rare for Rares trade, and I put all my rares onto mannis. Well, before I opened the unit I locked EVERY podz, and tested if they were locked. Then, I unlocked the unitz and BOOM my gummy bear legs dissapeared? And then POOF Fringe Braid and Woozmas sweater were gone.. I didn't even get beex for them.. And then later a woozen named 'TheGreenGoblin ' scammed me and stole my paper bag.. -.- Well so now since my favorite rares in my color code (mystic blue) are gone I changed into another outfit with pixel sweater (another rare).. Ok so it is in like this off-whight/banana color.. I probably won't keep this because alot of people wear similar and I like to stand out and be different, + almost all my clothes are in blue..? Ok so look at me then compared to now and comment or post in chat what u think. c: xoxo <3 ~Cel

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