Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Spring Outfits + New Contest

New Spring Outfits:
Have you seen the new spring outfits? You can buy them for a minimum of $10.00 with a wooz bonus! Check it out c:

New Contest:
A new contest has arrived in Woozapalooza! It's pretty simple. c:
How to Enter:
1. Message me on Woozworld that you are entering (Username CelieLove37)
2. Get people to visit this blog and message me that they looked at it!

- No using fake accounts / back-up accounts (I will know if you did)
- The person MUST visit the blog! (I will know also)
- The person MUST message me! (Username CelieLove37)
- Must message me your username/nickname (So I will know who told them to visit it)

-Person who gets most people to visit blog wins!
-Winner gets a choice prize (Beex, clothing, furniture, featured in video, etc)
-Winner will be featured on blog

-Ends on March  20th,2014
-Message me if you win
-Good luck, enter today! :D

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