Sunday, March 23, 2014


Ok so I was on Woozworld, then it said 'You lost connection to server'. So I refreshed the page and it said that there is no website linked to the address.. So I thought 'Uh is ww deleted or updating?' But then.. I went on the laptop and tried to log on my account. It logged on but Woozin stayed as a blank black page! When I logged onto a backup account on the laptop, it logged on just fine... Was I hacked? How do I fix this? WHAT IS GOING ON?! Please help D:

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  1. Acctually, that also happens to me, too.. its just a glitch or lagging but probobly its still loading and sometimes... its the internet's fault. ask my friend, that some times happen to her, too.. hope this helped !!! c;

    - Penelope