Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tips about hacking

Hello woozers,It's me Angeline as always and I'm gonna make you BOOM with my posts (psh)! I'm always nervous and thinking about my posts and what I'll recommend in them!I decided this time my post to be about tipz and helping you amazing woozers!So let's start.The theme is hacking and famous hackers ike:Paytonpop,Angel1150 and othersI want to start that talking conversation,because of the many hackers in Woozworld , which are impossible to be stopped , they are always greedy and want more and more wooz,fame and CLOTHES for sure like deadmau5.
I want to tell ya' guys one story about hacking , it is real , cuz' I was hacked before and my best friend too , we were hacked from same hacker(Angel1150)
So listen -romantic music-(JK JK xD)


Once upon a time there was one girl , called Angeline,she was doing a restaurant and was very happy and lil' jealous , because of my friend's deadmau5(I was scammed,when she got deadmau ,that's why).
I was really satisfied with my restaurant ,cuz' it brang me money and votes and for sure I was 5-6th on the leaderboard!
We were talking on skype with my friend,she was so happy that she got her D5 hair(deadmau5) , I asked her how she got it and she said me , she thought they would scam her , but she got it whole without scamming!Even i was scammed with D5 before her I was happy.
Suddenly she started talking for one girl-Angel1150 and how she want to make her VIP,she wasn't very trustful and she thought the girl will hack her,but Angel tried alot to win her on her side , she made her very good trick , showing her poor woozen  becoming VIP in a minute!My friend decided to trust her and gave her her information,when we were talking on Skype she said me that Angel1150 said her that the 'program' was proccesing her VIP pass.In these times I was very stupid , I decided to gave her my info,just because I was greedy for VIP pass,I didn't thinked alot and I gave her my info,but before that I changed my strong pass and email to easy ones,because she could try to hack me after with strong pass and email(I was thinking for that and not for real hacking-silly me).After that Angel said me she need to go.Before she go , she went to my friend's account and my friend started to lose connection,she realized that she got hacked,but she traded her any deadmau5 hairs to her friend,because he trust himmbut she forgot her rebel deadmau she got and Angel got it before her!
After 1-2 minutes I started to lose connection and I realized later that I'm getting hacked!I went to a tent party ,and bought princess mya hair so I could have something beautiful before I am hacked,but It was too late when I realized she got it!My inventory was empty!Nothing was in there(I thought she took anything,but it was just bug,the ugly things were there).I kept reconnecting and restarting woozworld,she said me to log out , so she can process freely the program and I logged out because I trusted her...but the moment of my account having dissapeared,the pass and email was changed....Before that i went into the tools button and saw to what email she changed my account and my friend did the same.We got back our accounts , because we messaged Woozworld support , but It took us months to get our stuff and deadmaus back!

So : You can not never trust someone which is not your REAL-LIFE friend or your best friend,you can not trust simple woozens , because any of them can hack you!

That was from me,guys,always STAY STRONG!

-xoxo Angeline -'The real moment is not to win,the only winners are the people with real friends,only they can be happy and show the world who are they'

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