Friday, March 28, 2014

ClawdeenWolf Quiz Answers

This week's Monster High quiz is out! :D As usual the prize is just a cardboard cutout of the monster. This week it's Clawdeen wolf.
So here are the answers to the quiz :)

1. werewolf
2. 19
3. chewing
4. wool
5. writing
6. pen

I hope this helped :D Also, I made a new header :D. I sort of tried to make it like pastel colors, and I used a new editor so it is much simpler and quicker. Comment your thoughts about this new editor and header :) Or just comment in the chat box c; . Also I was thinking of a name to like call fans or viewers so comment your thoughts or even if it's a good idea xD.

I'll see you next time! :D

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