Saturday, March 29, 2014

Song shout out! :)

So i've officially decided it- Apple-Panda, your music blogger. (Dramatic music) So i love music and i don't know anyone who doesn't, so here we are! Anything music related, you got me. So i'm going to start our with my Song shout out. I will have one every week (I tend to find new songs about every week) This week we have "To build a home" by the Cinematic Orchestra ft Patrick Watson. It is an amazing song in which he "is speaking of life in general. He finally finds a place he is comfortable, he finds a person to share it with, but eventually he'll have to leave. His leaving and turning to dust means he will die someday and his life (home) will be gone." (Timothy Mares of Homework hero,-%22to-build-a-home%22-by-the-cinematic-orchestra) This is a beautiful song that is just perfect for any time I think, especially when you're alone. I wanna make a music video to this song of a girl who's stuck in the hospital but dreams of running free. just sayin. Anyways here's the video, xoxo-Apple

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