Saturday, March 8, 2014


Hey guys it's Cel :( I have super bad news. I WAS HACKED!!!! Ikr? TERRIBLE! I will explain exactly what happened. Once upon a time.... I was making a rares for rares trade center, and I put almost every single rare I owned into it. Before I unlocked the unit, I made sure EVERY single pod was locked. I know every one was locked. When I unlocked unit, tons of people came. Then, BOOM the gummy bear dissapeared and BOOM fringe braid and woozmas sweater were GONE!! Then, each pods clothing kept disapearing one by one. AND THEN GUESS WHAT?! They stole my carpets and Woozworld Silver Trophy.. THAT IS REALLY RARE BTW!! Luckily, I still have my deadmau but most of my faces are gone. I bought a paper bag to cover my face because it looks really ugly. Also, the hacker changed unit title to 'HAHA I HACKED YOU'!!!!! Can u believe it? Anyway I might know who it is. The other day it said 'a connection has been made with your account on another device' and I got a hate email from someone named 'Cutty'.. :/ Well if u guys have any unwanted then message me on ww my account is 'CelieLove37'.. :( Thanks ... I might quit..

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