Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Lil Edit/Sign-off + Attention ALL Bloggers

I got really bored today.. :P So I decided to make a little edit/sign-off picture! I think it is okay, but what do you think? (I changed the picture because the other one looked weird)

Note to Bloggers:
Welcome to Woozapalooza, AngelineGirl1! :)
Mic and Lucy:
If you don't verify your email in this next week you will be removed from the blog. Sorry, but we are tired of waiting for you to accept the invitation we sent. Even though you told us you would like to, you have to accept it in your email. Thankyou! (This message is for Mic and Lucy) 

Comment in comments or chat box what you think of my edit (I think it is okay..) Byee!
xoxo ~Cel

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