Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ash Wednsday/ Lint

.:Hey guys, so I don't know any of our viewers religion, but I am a christian, so here's my post!:.
So today, if you didn't already know, is ash wednesday for Christians (Other religions? Idk..?) and the start of lint! I know catholic denominations fasted today until about 4  or 4:30, but i'm a Methodist and we don't fast so YAY FOOD! (sorry guys too fat for u xD) So if you don't know what lint is, you basically give up anything from now until Easter and it symbolizes something idk that either xD. I'm taking the easy way out and just giving up soda.... i never have soda. but i'm here to challenge you! Kik me at xXapplepandaXx with what you are giving up for lint to have a chance to win 100 wooz :D thanks guys :) xoxo- Apple

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