Saturday, March 29, 2014

New blogger on the horizont (Arghh) !

Hey hey hey ppl ! It's me Angeline!I'm the grand new blogger!How are you woozers?Are you having a great time with your spring?Are you feeling good :) ?! I bet you are -haha-!Stay alive for new posts anyways <3 cuz' you didn't know so much things 'bout woozworld!Did you know that you could get a chance to be in my amazing spring contest?It will be my awesome event and I hope you join cuz' don't forget you all are my beautiful inspiration!I'm so nervous for my audience up there on the ''virtual scene' ,will they be amazing,will they be inspiring or they will be AWESOME and INCREDIBLE?You can never know the beauty of the things!I hope there are many HOT entries , so i can get yo' up for a prize!Be sure that you do my rulez,because I am very demanding and I will see if you do not do them and you will get disqualified(i hate to disqualify ppl so don't make fails!).
The rules are very easy to enter!

1.You need to have a youtube account!
2.Subscribe to Angeline Wooz and Antoana Apostolova's channel(my too channels :OLD-NEW)
3.Make a photo of yourself,you can say words and quotes,it is allowed and it will give you bonus points!
4.Save the photo in album Called Angeline's Spring Be you contest and remember to write down as comment the theme (you will see the themes down)
5.Message me when you're done or comment on my wallz!
6.Be creative!
7.The background and clothes combinations mixing gives you EXTRA points!

-Night in the spring
-Spring paradise
-Spring party (NOTE:You do not need to wear spring party outfit)

Prizes(There will be prize ONLY for first place):
1 place:30 000 beex(if i collect) ,two colourable items from shopz and having a chance to hang out with Summer,Cel and me!

The pic with most woozups gets to be on my relationshipz-friend for life for 1 month ;) !

-xoxo AngelineGirl1

Bye now - Add me on Woozworld! 'Be the one who will rule the world,never let the world rule you...or else you will be one dot;)'

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