Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Girls' Spring Party Outfit Review

It's me Cel! Today I have another outfit review for you :D It's the NEW Spring Party collection (girls). Also, I have a new email! CelieLove37Woozworld@gmail.com :D.

Name: Spring Party
Review: A low side ponytail with long ears, and medium length hair. It is elevated at the top (puffed up) and is a pretty cute hair. Perfect for a spring time party!

Name: Spring Party Dress
Review: A short dress with see-through fabric on the waste and arms.
You can color the top of dress differently also. I think it is super adorable but I colored mine a little weirdly.. Lol

Name: Spring Party Skirt
Review: A short skirt, the closes around the waist and goes down to the exact length of the dress. It is perfect for a nice spring day(even though it's virtual xP).

Name: Spring Party Heels
Review: A cute pair of heels with straps climbing up the ankles in a nice pattern, nothing that special though.

Full Outfit:
I think I'm gonna
try for SOTW
lol even though
I colored it a
bit oddly.. :D
Cya Next Time! -Cel <3

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