Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Change of Plans for the Web Series.

Well, I was thinking last night about my new Web Series that I am making. (If you didn't read the post, scroll down to find it :D) I am changing the overall idea of it. The NEW name for the Web Series is Mafia. It is about a group of friends who decide to have a party and they end up playing the game Mafia ( I don't know if you know that game but I play it in the summertime xD) Then as the next few weeks and months go by, the game is becoming realer and realer by the moment. One of them is going to turn out to be The Mafia I hope you guys still show up for this Series audition! It is March 27 at 6:30 Wooztime! If you can not make it, please feel free to message me on Woozworld, (nekole) Just message me a little description about yourself. I hope you all show up! This is gonna be great!!!!! I will be posting a post about the roles later, so be looking for them! Love you allllllll :D ~Summer

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