Monday, March 24, 2014

I Found The Scammer/Hacker!

Well, I found the girl who hacked my podz open. She somehow has my Fringe Braid in the exact color hmm.. Plus in her unitz every calls her a scammer. Summer even told me that she met her one time a while ago, and that this girl is a hacker. Her username is Mermanda..  I don't know if she has scammed you before.. BUT SHE LIES ALOOOT. She says she traded someone with it, and that they are a BOY. But when I asked her their username.. she said 'Mary Rose'.. ROFL.. MARY ROSE IS A GIRL NAME! xD Also, I said she has no proof, so she said I can ask her boyfriend. But when my friend Dell said something about him, she said she didn't have a boyfriend.. xD She lies alot. I have pictures of me wearing the hair, and of her with the exact one, exact color. This code is a secret and I was the only one in ww with the color of Fringe Braid.. Weird, right? I reported her for scamming, but you don't have to it's ok. I won't die over one virtual hair lol.. Well thanks for listening to this long post about me getting scammed xD.. Lol and check out these pics of proof! (There is more scamming comments in her unitz too, but I didn't want to take so many pics so you can read them. Her username is Mermanda)
Me wearing the hair

Mermana wearing the hair

Her profile

A few of the comments on her unitz

Well Thanks for listening everyone. Sorry if I bored you to death (;-;) Bye!! xoxo -Cel

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