Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Bloggers + 5,000 Views Event + New Additions

The 5,000+ views event is being scheduled! We have decided on the blogger we are adding, but they have to make a GMAIL to join! Alot of people who signed up don't have GMAIL, so we sadly can't add you since only GMAIL is aloud on blogger. :( So, the new blogger was SUPPOSED to be Mic (-Thunderboy-) but he has to make a GMAIL.. So we are choosing a backup person just in case. :) Also, the other new blogger -Lucky-Lucy- (she is already on the header) doesn't have a GMAIL! So sad.. :( So we have to add someone to replace her D:! Good luck and sign up in the 'Become a Blogger' tab xD.
    The event will be scheduled for sometime next weekend! The dates are being planned since some members are going on vacation for spring break. ;o (I wish I was xD).. I'll keep you updated on the details though, because the 5,000 view event is one of the most special events! As you may know, every thousand views has an event, but we skipped 4,000 because we were planning an extra special one for 5,000+! (Trust me, THIS IS GOING TO BE SOOOO AWESOME!!). I really think you will like it! :D
   I know this is getting to be a really long post, but some new additions to the blog are being added! XD From now on, there will be an outfit of the week, and the new outfit reviews! (You may have seen them on the blog already, but now they are a PERMENENT feature)! And btw, I know that the guys who view this blog are probably thinking it's really girly but we are adding another boy blogger, so you will have something to enjoy also xD..
   Well.. BYEEE!

                                             Signing off,


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