Saturday, March 15, 2014

Girl's New Outfit Review

It's me Cel, here with another review of the new Spring Beach collection! c:

Name: Long Pony Tail
Review: A long pony tail. I think it's pretty cute, but should be a little bit farther away from the head (it's a little squished). I still think it's SUPER cute though. c:

Name: Patterned Tube Top
Review: A cropped tube top with patterns on it and a necklace and bracelet. This is my favorite item in the collection, and it super cute!

Name: Flowy Skirt
Review: A flowing medium-long skirt that ends right before the ankles. Honestly.. There is already a skirt like this but this one isn't as cute.. It doesn't really match the shirt that much and I don't think it really POPS. Whatever :P



Name: Laced Sandals
Review:  A pair of sandals with laced straps. I like this item but I think the bottom of the sandal is too thick. Alot of other shoes are like this so it's not that special.. I like it anyway though but I think they should have been heels. :D

Full Outfit:

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