Monday, March 31, 2014

Working on the grand new Woozapalooza's music video !

Hey my amazing trolls(JK xd),I'm gonna show my amazing video,which I'm working on!Just you need to be little mor epatient , cuz' I've done 0:44 seconds of it xD ! But it takes you time, I'm not good editor , but I tried alot to do much effects on it and It is stunning ;P ! I hope you like my art of work , cuz' it will take me time, VERY much lol! So I'm here to get you known with little details and I won't do this post long,because It won't be suprise!Mwehehehe

Bye now!

-xoxo Angeline!!!

NOTE:The post is not so long , because of my business , making the video and the edit is not new , because of the same reason!
I beg you to please me for my BAD grammar,I'm not american,thanks!

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