Friday, March 14, 2014

5,000+ Views!

  Thankyou everyone for viewing our blog and helping us achieve 5,000+ views! We will be adding another blogger for this event, since it IS a BIG accomplishment! Hurry up and full out your application on the 'Become a Blogger' tab! The Woozapalooza crew will decide on who the new blogger will be very soon, since the event will be scheduled for this weekend! I have a feelings new things and changes are about to arrive in Woozapalooza. Including weekly outfits, videos, contests, and more! Remember to tell friends about Woozapalooza, and visit often for more updates, info, help, outfits, edits, videos, etc! I hope you have enjoyed the blog so far, because things are about to get even BETTER! You know, as we say here at Woozapalooza, THE FUN HAS JUST BEGUN! :D
I was too late to get the exact number 5,000.. Views keep flooding in xD Yayy!

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