Friday, March 28, 2014

Spop Outfit Review

It's me Cel with another girl's new outfit review! This week it's called the 'Spop Collection' and for the boys it's the 'Sprawker Collection'. Today I will be reviewing the Spop (girls).

Name: Spop Hair
Review: A medium length hair that is very puffy with cute hoop earings. A lot of people think it is ugly but in my opinion I LOVE it. c:

Name: Spop Dress
Review: An adorable short dress with intricate lacing and patterns. I honestly love it and think it is super cute!

Name: Spop Skirt
Review: A short skirt with matching lacing to the dress. I think it is plain and boring, and they should have done some sort of leggings instead.

Name: Spop Shoes
Review: Tall military-like fashionable boots. They are cute for a hiking trip, but not for this outfit.. They don't match at all and heels would look much better.

Full Outfit:
Name: Spop Collection
Review: A 'pop rock concert' outfit (according to woozband). I think it's okay but not great. Totally not the best collection, but not the worst either.
Model: Me

Well, Cya next time! :D
xoxo~ Cel

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