Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weird Woopetz Thingy + Tons of Deadmau5?

  Have you lately been to Woozen Quests.. Well I go there a lot when I'm bored and pets are EVERYWHERE.. There isn't any owner standing next to them and mostly are the same color. (I swear that little elf has been there for weeks). Mostly there is husky's, but there is also a lemer, panda, and an elf. Mostly they are the same color (dark green and black). I have a feeling KinzieMcElroy is up to this (xp). I saw people asking her to put there pet in the unitz and some people asked me why all the pets are there.
  Also, have you seen all the Deadmau5 hairs people have been wearing? I have started to wonder how they are getting them in their exact codes even when they aren't transferable and the transfer glitch was patched.. Hmmm, hackers? I was wondering about that, and a few of my friends have also.

Red= Petz
Blue = Deadmau5
Wow, do you see all the petz and Deadmau5? Weird, right? Also look at my woozen I traded my old spring party dress for that one :D I like it alot more then the old one, what do you think?

(Note for Apps)
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Click the icon with the square around it.

Well good luck Apps and byee xP

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