Thursday, December 4, 2014

3 Cute and Cozy Outfits for Woozmas!

Hey guys, it's me Celia, and today I will be sharing 3 cute and cozy outfits for Woozmas. I hope you enjoy :)!

Outfit # 1:
Hair: Comfymas Hair
Torso: Comfymas Mini Yeti Sweater
Pants: Comfymas Polka Dot Leggings
Shoes: Yeti Bomber Fur Boots

Outfit # 2:
Hair: WNS Ponytail
Torso: Woozmas Sweater
Pants: Comfymas Polka Dot Leggings
Shoes: Cozy PJ Boots

Outfit # 3:
Hair: Spar Hair
Torso: Classicsz' GF's Wool Shirt and Scarf
Pants: Ski Leggings
Shoes: Tasseled Boots

That's all for now :)
I hope you liked the outfits I put together!
Feel free to wear them, mix match them, and create your own cute and cozy Woozmas outfits!
Bye c:!
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