Saturday, March 14, 2015

#Fashionwithvic Coolio outfits!

Hello my lovies! Its me Lolhivic back here again and today i'm gonna be showing you some really cool outfits ! I have some lovely models that let me blog their outfits! So thanks so much you guys! Anyway lets just hop right into it!
First model : Emmywooz 

She is wearing:
Wooznis hair ( Preztige level 1 )
Cutie and makeup (Preztige level 30 )
Big sqaure hoodie ( Preztige level 40 )
Dolloween shorts ( Preztige level 1 )
Plaidmas wool socks ( Preztige level 1 )
Thank you sooo much Emmy for letting me blog your fantastic outfit!!!!

Next model: Barbie1zzz
She is wearing :
Crissy Cross Hair ( Preztige level 1 )
Fresh fase ( Preztige level 50)
Bowmas Sweater ( Preztige level 1 )
Wns pop shorts ( Preztige level 1 )
Running shoes ( Preztige level 1 )
Thank you so much Barbie , For letting me blog your Stylish outfit!!

Final model : Breeeeeeeeeeeeee ( 14 e's) 

She is wearing :
Girl's shiny deadmau5 ears #2 ( Preztige level 20 )
Cutie and makeup ( Preztige level 30)
Reindeer pattern Woozmas sweater ( Preztige level 1 )
Wns pop shorts ( Preztige level 1 )
Fresh Autumn Boots ( Preztige level 10)
Thank you soo much Bree , for letting me blog your coolio outfit !!

Thank you soo much for reading my blog !! There will be more coming soon ! I'm really sorry about the picture quality , I just noticed how fuzzy and blurry it is... I use the Snipping Tool , So i'm sorry about that..
                                              It's time for the Quote Of The Day!!
Thats all for now !! 
Byeee xoxo vic

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