Thursday, March 5, 2015

#Fashionwithvic Cute outfits!!!!!!!!!

Hello my love's ! It's me Lolhivic here! Im so sorry i havent posted. I know I always say it , but i really mean it , and i really apoligize that I don't post. But to make up , I'm gonna be showing you some really adorable outfits!  Our models are Cookiedancer , Queenolivad and Lolhivic (Me) so anyway lets just hop right into it!
First model : Lolhivic 

She is wearing: 
Survivorz Hairstyle for her (Preztige level 20)
Innocent and make up (Preztige level 30)
Divine  Autumn Blouse (Preztige level 40)
Plaid Schoolgirl Skirt (Preztige level 30)
Guy tommys (Preztige level 1 )

Next model : Cookiedancer

She is wearing : 
Long ponytail (Preztige level 20)
Manga cat eyes (Preztige level 1 )
Riches crop top ( Preztige level1)
Yonsle pants ( Preztige level 1 )
Flannel Autumn Shoes (Preztige level 10)
Thank you Cookiedancer for letting me blog your outfit!

Our last model : Queenoliviad

She is wearing :
Emilous ( Preztige level 30)
Cutie and makeup (Preztige level 30 )
Flames crop top (Preztige level 1)
Plaid Schoolgirl Skirt (Preztige level 30)
Dolloween Hightops ( Preztige level 1)
Thank you Queenolivad for letting me blog your outfit!

I hoped you enjoyed this blog , And there will be more up soon!! 
                                                                                             Time for the quote of the day
Thats all for now!
Byeee xoxo vic

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