Sunday, January 18, 2015

I'm Back!

   Hey guys! It's me Celia... First off, I AM SO SORRY that I haven't updated the blog or posted in FOREVER...! But I FINALLY did, so here I am.. Obviously.. Okay, so.. I don't really even have a specific topic for this post, I just wanted to inform everyone that the blog IS NOT closing down. It will remain open.
   Anyways, it's now 2015, a new year, which means new things coming to Woozapalooza. When I say new things, I mean stuff like new bloggers, new theme, new posts, etc. As you probably already noticed, I did change the theme to winter, but winter won't last forever. I've decided that it would be best if there was a new theme for each month.
   Oh, also, I haven't posted any art stuff lately, so I thought I could include that in this post!
You can always check my Youtube channel, ArtInsanity, to watch my videos, and my DeviantArt which is linked on my channel (I have to update my DeviantArt though..) I just thought I would share my latest drawing. :P
I think my style has changed a lot since last year, so hopefully it is a good change. At first I was going to draw me/my woozen, but I decided to go with different colors for her clothes, eyes, and hair. I hope you like it c:. If you want me to draw you, send a picture of your woozen to my email:
That's all for today, I'll be back with another post soon that is Woozworld-related, 
Bye for now!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

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